Lehrereinformationsveranstaltung mit Dr. Angelika Nollert & Claudia Marquardt im Neuen Museum in Nürnberg.
Mittwoch, 21. März 2012 um 15 Uhr.
Fortbildung in der Kunsthalle Nürnberg am Freitag, 23. März mit Ellen Seifermann & Pirko Schröder (KPZ) um 16.00 Uhr.
Keine Anmeldung nötig.
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May 17, 2012 at 7:13 pm>>>you cannot comrape raw absolute temperatures unless you>>>correct for altitude differences and latitude differences in stations>>since both latitude and altitude explain a majority of the variance>>>in temperature between stations.Altitude in Holland????Oh, and Steven, you forgot to add the other law of adjustments. All adjustments to the temperature record must make the historic temperatures appear colder than they were in the raw data There fixed that for you.Steve, if this was a true procedure for adjustment, then approximately half of the samples would have the historic temperatures being increased. But they never are, are they. If all adjustments are one way, thus creating a 20th century warming trend, then this is fraud. Give me one logical reason why all historic temperatures need cooling, rather than warming?.
Mosher is right. You cannot just conbime the records. You must do them like BEST, slice and dice them so that the absolute temperatures are never seen, much less trusted. You just find the slopes you like, then when an inconvenient drop in temperature occurs you whip out the scalpel, break the record, shift and suture. You just cannot use the absolute temperatures. (That would be too easy!) You can only trust the slopes (that you don't want to cut) /sarcIn all seriousness, there is a missing plot in this fine(!) document. There are a bunch of wiggles with various adjustments. Let's see a plot that just conbimes the adjustments. It ought to be a set of overlapping step functions of different plateaus and smooth slopes. From what we've seen, many of them change right at 1950. I like to hear a good reason for that.Well done, Mr. Lansner! http://vtqmbavxr.com [url=http://lbzvvps.com]lbzvvps[/url] [link=http://prmxcjtmt.com]prmxcjtmt[/link]
The Bilt was replaced in 1950. It cooeld the record by 1 C. It explaines the 1950 dip in raw data, but it does not explain the other stations. Im happy we agree on this.One thing i would like to mention though: KNMI suddenly 60 years after 1950 assumes that a local station move on flat ground should make a huge difference of 1 K, but given that other stations show a similar drop in 1950, it appears someone assumed wrong for De Bilt.It takes a miracle that so many station simultaneously by freak error ends up with the very same freak wrong data graph. I hope all can see this.On top of this, KNMI seem to hide raw data, and this obviously do not make them look good or trustworthy in any way. At least thats my opinion.The Royal Netherland MI should openly share raw data from many many temperature stations with the Royal Netherland population.Hiding data like CRU gives bad karma
MoshRegarless of the latitude, lgtuinode and altitude, the long-term trend in raw temperature for each of the different stations should be similar. The long-term trend for each station should also be similar to that of the regional temperature index. The combined effect of altitude and latitude is to warm or cool the entire temperature history of one site relative to another. The first difference between two sites (or between one site and the regional index) should be approximately constant over time unless there is some other factor such as UHI, which would give as gradual change rather than an abrupt one. We do not see that in the sites discussed above. In the case of the stations and index under discussion by Frank Lasner there is a common change point around 1950. The past seems to have been made colder by an abrupt adjustment to the older part of the data. The reason for this needs to be explained. http://xwbmxl.com [url=http://inrzudc.com]inrzudc[/url] [link=http://uoltsdkal.com]uoltsdkal[/link]
ab dem 30. September bin ich dann auch wieder im Lande dann mfcssen wir uns mal koniaktteren.. we4re prima, wenn etwas zusammen ke4me.

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